What is a Wind Tunnel?

Thanks to the skyping free fall simulator, you can enjoy the sensation of jumping out a plane at an altitude of four thousand metres, without any kind of risk whatsoever. The Empuriabrava Wind Tunnel is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and is designed to adapt the wind speed to any type of user. The most striking feature of the facility is its glass cylinder measuring 4.30 metres in diameter and 5.85 metres in height. Given its transparency, skypers can enjoy unbeatable views of the natural setting, while companions can photograph the moment and future skypers are able to observe others in their practice sessions. The efficient tube is 16 metres high (in a building measuring 23.40 metres). The glass tube is 3.5 centimetres thick and, like the remainder of the facility, must comply with very strict safety standards. The sheets of pressured laminated glass are similar to those used in cars. If the glass shatters, it remains in place, avoiding injury to the user. The pre-jump chamber is pressurised. Its concrete roof is perforated to reduce the pressure difference in relation to the tube, which prevents the glass from breaking. The wind reaches a maximum speed of 300 kilometres per hour. However, the electric engines are used to set the speed according to ability. Acceleration from 0 to 290 kilometres per hour takes just 10 seconds. The changes in wind speed inside the tube must be quick because an advanced level skyper may come after a beginner, requiring different conditions. For example, a person weighing 55 requires an approximate wind speed of 160 kilometres per hour, but the next user may be a professional skyper requiring 230 kilometres per hour. The facility adapts its speed with ease in a matter of seconds, going from 160 kilometres per hour to 230 kilometres per hour in 2.5 to 3 seconds.