Discover Parc dels Estanys

Coinciding with the World Day of Birds, October 2012 saw the official opening in Platja d'Aro of the Parc Els Estanys (park of the ponds), an area of nature right in the heart of the town. Running through the park is an educational nature trail with various lookout points for observation of up to 250 species of birds that inhabit the wetland or stop over during migrations. This large urban park covering 150,000 m2 is an attraction for both local inhabitants and tourists; a place where controlled public and educational visits are compatible with the enhancement of the biological diversity of the area, restoring original natural habitats and environments, and offering bird-watching facilities. The reservoir in the Parc dels Estanys holds 60,000 m3 of collected overflow water from the River Ridaura and the rainwater network thanks to a hydraulic project which prevents flooding in the urban area of Platja d'Aro. - See more at: Parc dels Estanys